Las Vegas: Trip to CES – The Most Powerful Tech Event in the World

CES is one of the biggest tech events in the world —where brands from all over the world come to get business done, meet new partners and to show off their latest innovations

Morten represented FPL in Vegas in early Jan, supported Swedish delegation, and ended up running into old friends by accident in Sin City.


Flying cars, see through flatscreens and driver-less vehicles designed like living rooms were some of the fun highlights Morten saw at one of the biggest consumer electronic shows in the world, CES, held in Las Vegas. As it happens, our team is actually physically present in other countries in the world than just the Nordics, and as such it’s possible for us to facilitate on-the-ground market entry and/or strategic partnership activities in those countries too. Morten is based in Colorado, which makes US related activities his playground, another team member is based in Lisbon, another in Indonesia, another in Athens and so on. A neat little addition to the business! But I digress. What was Morten doing in Nevada? Aside from playing with new, neat toys and being awestruck by space-time gadgets? 


Morten was supporting one of our long, long time partners from Electrification Hub (Sweden) at the event. The key theme was driving transition towards electrified mobility solutions – in other words raising awareness and positioning Electrification Hub, Mälardalen region and Sweden in general as a leader in electrification. There was a large Swedish delegation present at CES, representing and strenghtening the Swedish brand in the US market. A number of startups, companies and public entities were there, as well as a growing Nordic collaborative platform for international export and promotional activities.

Swedish and Danish flags at the Nordic delegation section

We are, after all, a Nordic company incorporated in Sweden, with a HQ in Stockholm. As such we were excited to see Swedes setting record numbers in attendance among the Nordic representation. Though as we know, Swedes have always been strong in the art of building and sustaining a country brand…And as a site note, this was not the first time Morten has attended CES, certainly not the first time attending and building country brands. Years ago when he was still working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, he used to be on the other side of the table hosting the Danish delegations to the event.

Vlad and Morten catching up in Sin City

Another highlight of the trip was when Morten completely by accident ran into one of the original Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark, Vlad, originally from Romania. Now residing in Las Vegas with his family as a serial entrepreneur and investor their relationship goes back more than a decade just like our marketeer Elsa, who is an alumni from that programme. Did we ever tell you that we love ambassador programmes for places? We’ve run so, so many of those. One of the best tactics for Talent Attraction and improving place perceptions. 


What’s next? Now many new contacts richer, the next thing is to follow up with the delegation from State of Michigan, who are going green in transportation with the help from Google’s automotive and mobility division. Exciting times!

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