Regional & Economic Development

Managing economic and regional development for cities, regions and countries Our economic and regional development services focus on helping our clients develop strategies, action plans, learning opportunities and anlyses, primarily in the sub-fields of business development and innovation, rural development, education, culture and creative industries and digitalisation. To assist our clients, we provide economic and […]

Place Development

Place Development for cities and regions In the competitive landscape of modern cities and towns, the imperative to establish livable, thriving places that promote people’s health, happiness, and overall well-being is more pronounced than ever before. Place development is about creating attractive and functional places that cater to the needs of residents, visitors, businesses, and […]

Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion Management for cities, regions and countries The last 10 years have witnessed intensified competition between cities, regions and countries for investments. New places have entered the competition – and same time as the investment landscape has changed and become way more challenging and complex, with advanced circular and green solutions and large-scale investments […]

Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction Management for cities, regions and countries The human capital agenda is increasingly at the forefront of economic development for places. We specialise in how places can attract and retain global skills from students to young professionals and senior experience across industries.   We provide Talent Attraction Management services across our four business areas:  Surveys […]