Elsa – Marketing

Elsa Hedman

Head of Marketing

Elsa is the marketing machine of Future Place Leadership. She develops your marketing approach and plans your campaigns, while orchestrating the activation of your outreach together with the team. Whether you’d like to attract more talent to your region via a lead generation campaign, gain more recognition on your brand or project via an awareness campaign, or if you simply need some support on updating your marketing strategy, she’s the one to help you out.

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Elsa stems originally from Finland. A bonafide citizen of the world she has lived in six countries, and has backpacked around the world not once, but twice. Do ask her for travel tips!

Elsa has worked 10+ years in digital marketing for some of the biggest media agencies in the world in Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, and has specialised in planning and executing digital strategy across multiple markets. After several successful years of advising clients such as IBM Nordics, L’Oréal Nordics, Warner Brothers and Tourism New Zealand, she has leveraged her international experience and returned to her original field of interest: Place Branding and Talent Attraction.

Any marketing related projects in mind? Let Elsa know and lets chat.

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