Regional Promotion with AI-Generated Content and Targeted Messaging

Part two of series: ‘AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction and Regional Promotion’ If you haven’t read it yet, the first article ‘An Introduction: How to Leverage AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction?’ offers a simplified overview on the basics of the topic and discusses potential applications. This article is by Sam Khosravi, Future Place Leadership‘s Data Analyst, […]

‘Place is less relevant’ – Demystifying misconceptions #6

Pre-conception #6: ‘Place is less relevant’ A 6 part article series by Nicole van Haelst We make places great. Why? Because in relocation, assets relating to the living environment are most decisive. Meanwhile, the world of work is broken. The pandemic, geo-political stress, the climate crisis and high speed of digitization fosters tensions on the labour […]

Trip: East Africa European Talent Bridge – Reporting From Nairobi

Future Place Leadership & Berlin Partner Study Trip, February 2023 – Bridging Talent Between Europe and East Africa “With the East Africa European tech talent bridge, we will work on behalf of both continents to secure that access to critical skills is accessible in a much wider scope than the local market. African talent is rising and […]

8 Place Attractiveness, Development and Marketing Trends for the Coming Years

The Nordic Place Branding Conference is approaching at a fast rate! The world is also changing at a fast rate. Digitalisation, new behaviours after the pandemic, the climate crisis, accelerating skills shortages, economic downturn, inflation and demographic changes. The list of ever-changing challenges – and opportunities – goes on.   With such an accelerating rate […]

An Introduction: How to Leverage AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction?

An Introduction to AI and ChatGPT: Simplifying Complex Concepts One breakthrough in AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has captured significant attention is ChatGPT, which is a powerful language model. ChatGPT has gone from being a fun tool for artificial intelligence enthusiasts to becoming one of the world’s favourite talking points, to soon being a powerful tool […]

‘Hires is all that counts’ – Demystifying misconceptions #5

Colleagues having fun

Pre-conception #5: ‘Hires is all that counts’ A 6 part article series by Nicole van Haelst   It’s a super rewarding experience to see the flow of people come in, the numerous responses to the invitation to come work in ‘my’ city.  It never ever bores! Knowing how to reach out to people and make them […]

‘Government not fit for the Talent Agenda’ – Demystifying misconceptions #4


Pre-conception #4: ‘Government & Talent Agenda: They shouldn’t, they couldn’t’ A 6 part article series by Nicole van Haelst   Access to talent has become the decisive factor in (re)location policies of companies. How a city or region manages the talent risks that their employers experience, strongly impacts their competitiveness. And so, the Human Capital Agenda […]

‘Employers are the demand side’ – Demystifying misconceptions #2

A busy railway station

Pre-conception #2: ‘Employers are the demand side’ A 6 part article series by Nicole van Haelst Whose side are you on? The labour market is a crowded place. With talent and all kinds of professionals actively involved in delivering and matching talent to (future) work: educational or knowledge institutions, (HR and recruitment of) employers (small […]

Demystifying (mis)beliefs in talent attraction – A Series by Nicole van Haelst

Three monkeys

Misconception #1: ‘Talent’ = student or top performer   Welcome to our 6 part series on common misconceptions in Talent Attraction Management. The summer has been perfect for some reflection. Even more so from a distance, working from a suburb in Kinshasa, Congo. It definitely has enriched my perspective, eg. on how the whole topic […]