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A long standing partnership with Berlin Partner

Ever since we started working together with Berlin, things have moved fast and smooth. The Talent Services Department of Berlin Partner, the economic development agency of the Berlin region, participated in our Talent Attraction Management for European Cities, Regions and Countries training programme in 2016. Since then we have worked on multiple projects together, not the least the European Talent Mobility Forum cluster.

We have also been to Berlin to give inspiration talks on place branding and talent attraction, in order to help Berlin mobilise stakeholders and refine their work further.

We co-organised our flagship training programme, ‘Talent Attraction Management for European Cities, Regions and Countries’, with Berlin Partner in May 2017 in Berlin. Subsequently, we’ve had the great pleasure and honour of being selected by Berlin Partner to help lead a strategy review process of Berlin Brain City in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We have facilitated a series of workshops throughout the years with key stakeholders, and have done surveys to both evaluate existing campaign strategies as well as repurpose and reorient the future brand platform.

One of the projects we did – in close dialogue with the Berlin Partner team and the stakeholder institutions – was a new strategic concept, along with activities such as repurposing the current Brain City Berlin ambassador network to a kind of  ‘Scientists of Berlin’ network and launching a social media takeover programme to showcase what it is like to work for one of the partner science institutions.

Berlin Partner is a shining example of a well-coordinated and long-term pursuit of managing a place to make it more attractive and more visible to target groups. We have therefore invited them as speakers at several of our conferences, for example the Nordic Place Branding Conference, to share inspiration about the innovative work they do.

Berlin is always beta, as they say – always testing and trying out new things, which is very much in line with how we strive to work.


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