Region Blekinge, Sweden – Trend Spotting Analysis on Cultural and Creative Industries

Cultural and creative industries are important from several aspects, it is about the development of individuals as well as companies, social structures and the attractiveness of the place. Culture has an important role in sustainable social development, both as a force on its own and in collaboration with other policy areas, such as in this case economic policy.


As part of Region Blekinge’s action plan to strengthen its attractiveness through the development of cultural and creative industries, Future Place Leadership was hired to produce a preliminary study in the form of a trend spotting analysis.


The solution

The aim of the analysis was to:

  • Map out current trends and directions that exist within cultural and creative industries on a global and national level,
  • Analyse how the place/destination is affected by the level of access to cultural and creative industries


The learnings 

In a time of increased digitization and new technology constantly emerging, the ways in which we produce and consume culture are also changing. Never before have we seen content being created to the extent it is today, and the number of creators only seems to increase each year.

As a result, cutting through the noise becomes increasingly difficult, and thus it becomes even more important for creators to work more user-centric, and focus on the behaviours and needs of their intended target group and adapt their storytelling accordingly to gain attention and create engagement. Technology such as AR and VR is certainly not new in itself, but is becoming an increasingly common tool used to get a bigger reach, to engage, but also to make culture available to more people. As AI is becoming more and more advanced, it’s not only an aid for data optimisation or distribution of e.g. art, but is also being used in the actual production of e.g. music, film, literature, journalism and graphic design. There are numerous examples of when AI has been a helpful tool to make our work more efficient by performing tasks that are too difficult or time-consuming for humans to perform, but the smarter and more sophisticated the technology becomes, the more the fear of competition increases.

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