Report: Digital City Experts (DCEx), 2024

Empowering Municipalities in the Digital Era: The Digital City Experts Project with Erasmus+ Digital transformation is a certainty, but how it will unfold and what concrete impact it will have on our lives is one of the most uncertain questions of our time. It is influenced by a multitude of different, interacting social, political, economic, […]

12 Trends in Place Development & Place Branding 2023

Report: Get Your Free Copy Nordic Place Branding Conference is now PLACExNordic! the leading conference and networking event in the Nordics, where international practitioners from the fields of Talent Attraction, Investment Promotion, Place Marketing, Place Development and Destination Branding meet to mingle, be inspired and co-create solutions together. In the spring we shared a blog […]

Handbook: Digital Transformation for Attractive Places, 2019

The purpose of this handbook is to give cities and regions inspiration and practical advice on how to begin or move forward with their digitalisation. How can digital transformation be used to create more attractive places? What are the strategies, tools and activities to make digitalisation work for cities and regions? How can you make […]