12 Trends in Place Development & Place Branding 2023

Report: Get Your Free Copy Nordic Place Branding Conference is now PLACExNordic! the leading conference and networking event in the Nordics, where international practitioners from the fields of Talent Attraction, Investment Promotion, Place Marketing, Place Development and Destination Branding meet to mingle, be inspired and co-create solutions together. In the spring we shared a blog […]

Report: Nordic Investment Promotion Conference, 2021

The Nordic Investment Promotion Conference was the first Nordic conference for municipalities and regions on the future of investment promotion. The theme of the Conference in 2021 was sustainability, approaching questions such as: How can sustainability become the competitive advantage for the Nordics as a whole? How do the strategies and activities of each national […]

White paper: The Future of Investment Promotion, 2021

What is the future of investment promotion? This is the question we asked some of the most renowned city and regional investment promotion agencies (IPAs) in the world: Berlin Partner, Brainport Development, Copenhagen Capacity, Helsinki Business Hub, Invest Stockholm, Montreal International, and Tel Aviv Global. Leading up to the first ever Nordic Investment Promotion Conference, which was held on April 29th 2021, we […]

Handbook: Business Attraction Management for Cities and Regions, 2018

This handbook focuses on helping cities and regions in improving their ability to attract businesses, investments and entrepreneurs. The handbook has been developed off the back of the project “Business Attraction Management in Nordic Cities and Regions“. The last decade has witnessed intensified competition between places and regions for investments. New places have entered the competition, […]