Report: Nordic Investment Promotion Conference, 2021

The Nordic Investment Promotion Conference was the first Nordic conference for municipalities and regions on the future of investment promotion.

The theme of the Conference in 2021 was sustainability, approaching questions such as: How can sustainability become the competitive advantage for the Nordics as a whole? How do the strategies and activities of each national investment promotion agency (IPA) underpin that theme? What success stories have we witnessed from small and medium-sized municipalities and what can we learn from them? How will the IPAs navigate a post-pandemic investment landscape? How can the Nordic countries boost each other?

This report summarises the most important points made by the speakers at the Conference. The section “Our reflections” attempts to synthesise, draw conclusions and raise issues regarding the future. The cases explored in this report are:

  • Mariestad | A success story: ElectriVillage – How we did it and what happens next?
  • Northern Norway | Case: Mo Industripark – Sustainability IS the business plan
  • Pori | Enabled by investment – Entering circular economy by recovering metals from by-products. Learnings from a midsized Finnish town
  • Business Finland | Finland’s strategy in investment promotion through sustainable initiatives
  • Business Sweden | Sweden’s strategy in investment promotion through sustainable initiatives
  • Invest in Norway | Leading sustainability as an oil country
  • Invest in Denmark | Going green in Investment Promotion – the Danish Perspective

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