International Talent Perception Study 

International Talent Perception Study

Future Place Leadership has conducted an analysis of the drivers and barriers of talent on talent international mobility from the following nationalities: Egypt, South-Africa, Turkey, Brazil, India, Mexico, Italy, Great-Britain, Taiwan. The purpose: To take a closer look at the international talent perceptions of The Netherlands (Hint we have also done it for Sweden) as […]

Talent City Index Report, Sweden – Where Would Qualified Workforce Prefer to Live?

The Talent City Index report investigates and benchmarks how cities rank against each other in the fierce competition for skilled workforce, to be used as a tool and guidance to improve a city’s attractiveness and retention power. Open product sheet here. The challenge Where would today’s and tomorrow’s qualified workforce prefer to work and live? It […]

Berlin Partner – Understanding target audience based on data; The Berlin Expat Survey

Expat study Berlin – Understanding the customer journey of international talent living in Berlin to improve the value proposition, policy making and service offering of the city   Post pandemic, Berlin like many other cities had to deal with changes in talent drivers and relocation patterns. Consequently, Berlin Partner sought out to have a data […]

International Talent Attraction – Talent Pool Campaigns Across Europe Attracting Highly Skilled Professionals

Emilia Romagna mountain

Talent Pools – Finding & recruiting international talent with specific profiles   Summer 2023 we ran Talent Pool campaigns with 3 different regions in Europe: Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, attracting Data Scientists, together with our client International Careers Emilia-Romagna Scotland, attracting Software Developers, together with our client TalentScotland Netherlands, attracting recruiters for Life Sciences and Health sectors, together with our partner TalentMark […]

South Tyrol, Italy – Three Year Talent Attraction Management Strategy

Mountain range in South Tyrol, Italy

A long term Talent Attraction Management Strategy for South Tyrol, Italy The project involved analysing the ecosystem, meeting and gathering input from stakeholders, compiling tailored strategic recommendations, budgetting and action planning for the upcoming three years. In addition we provided input for their work with stakeholders in key clusters, talent recruitment and events, an international […]

Bilbao, Basque Country – Long-term Talent Attraction Management Strategy

Sea view in Basque country

Bizkaia Talent is part of European Talent Mobility Forum   Basque Country at the Bay of Biscay is warm and friendly place with excellent food. Their gastrodiplomacy has convinced us of that. But that came later. Bilbao is working very actively with talent attraction and retention. We have had the pleasure of training the management […]

Berlin Partner – Talent Attraction Management and Place Branding

Berlin skyline at night

A long standing partnership with Berlin Partner Ever since we started working together with Berlin, things have moved fast and smooth. The Talent Services Department of Berlin Partner, the economic development agency of the Berlin region, participated in our Talent Attraction Management for European Cities, Regions and Countries training programme in 2016. Since then we […]

Greater Gothenburg Region, Sweden – Talent Attraction Management Strategy

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. An economic powerhouse with a proud industrial heritage and strong academic institutions. In 2015 several employers in the region emphasized the importance of developing better conditions for international talent and making it easier for employers to attract and recruit them. Together with the West Sweden Chamber of […]