3 New Trend Analysis Studies

Trend spotting studies

We’ve embarked on three new projects in the field of trend spotting and scenario analysis, for Tourism in Skåne, Region Blekinge and City of Malmö, respectively – and we’re now strengthening our offer in trend, foresight, and future scenario analysis.

The first analysis is about city centre development for City of Malmö in southern Sweden. We are exploring how the function of the city centre is changing and why – and how this might impact the city’s economic, social and environmental values. The analysis will then be used as a foundation for Malmö’s new city centre strategy.

The second project is for Tourism in Skåne, the DMO of the Skåne Region in Sweden, where we’ve been hired to carry out a trend and scenario analysis of global digital transformation trends shaping the future of tourism and destinations. In this assignment we’ll work closely with the Tourism in Skåne team – in workshops and focus groups – to assess the impact of the trends we uncover.

In the third assignment, with Region Blekinge in Sweden, we are conducting a trend analysis of current and future trends impacting Cultural and Creative Industries. This week we presented our findings in a workshop with the Region, where we discussed how these trends might impact the region and the world as a whole in the future. In December we’re heading down to Karlskrona for a co-creating workshop with a group of stakeholders and key actors from the region, in shaping Blekinge’s new development strategy for the cultural and creative sectors.

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