Fresh out the oven! “The Insiders Guide to Moving and Living in Sweden”

A field guide inspired by internationals who have made the journey to explore life and a career path in Sweden for internationals who are yet to explore it.

In a unique partnership with  Linköping Science Park, our industry friends at Placebrander and graphic design by Söderhavet, Future Place Leadership has conducted the main research for the newly launched The Insiders Guide to Moving and Living in Sweden.


The project follows our initial Switch to Sweden engagement with a data driven approach to understanding the challenges for international students who enter the Swedish labour market. (Hint check here). One of the main conclusions from the study was the need to start looking at retention of international talent, the moment they arrive, not when they graduate. And then optimise the soft landing into the Swedish society, culture and business world from day one.

The guide seeks to provide a foundation for just that with an introduction to Sweden and the people with a DNA built by the freedom to roam and digitalisation. The numbers, the traditions and the food. Swedish history, all international talents need to know about the sustainable identity of Sweden and how to integrate socially, professionally and culturally.

What’s happening next/What value does this have for you:  

The purpose of this guide (both in print and digital) is to support international talent who are thinking about choosing Sweden as a place to live and start their career. To give tangible advice, to answer questions, to be realistic, and most of all – to actually be useful!

The book is divided into two parts – 1. Sweden essentials and 2. A local guide for your city. If you are a Swedish city/region/hub and could benefit from a local version, get in touch with Morten and we’ll help you out. Currently similar project is underway with our partners at Electrification Hub in Västerås.

Download your free version of the guide here!

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