Talent City Index Sweden 2024 is launched – Gothenburg beats Stockholm … (again)

Talent City Index Sweden 2024 is launched – Congratulations Gothenburg, this year’s winner…AGAIN!

On June27 – for the second year in a row- we launched the results from the Talent City Index Sweden, which ranks the most attractive cities to work and live in for students and professionals in key shortage areas. The launch took place in Almedalen at the Greater Örebro Arena. 


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Now we know that Gothenburg actually retains its top position as Sweden’s most attractive city, ahead of the capital, even if Stockholm is closing in somewhat. Skåne takes the top spot as Sweden’s most attractive county based on the ranking of its cities.


A selection of insights:  

  • Gothenburg wins the three categories as the most family-friendly place, the best quality of life and the most sustainable. Stockholm wins in the four categories the most creative and innovative place, the most vibrant, the most beautiful and the best place to start a business.
  • The most important driving force in Sweden to move is continued lifestyle, where it is above all a family-friendly, close to nature and sustainable lifestyle that attracts. The job offer and career opportunities come out as the next most important driver to move, which may reflect that the recession has continued to deepen since the last survey a year ago. A safer environment as well as the importance of housing prices have climbed the list of moving factors
  • When it comes to job-related drivers to move, “Work-life balance” is by far the most important factor, followed by the salary level of employers in the location and opportunities to choose between different jobs in the location. Opportunities to contribute to the local community take fifth place, out of a total of 11 factors.


The report is full of insights and data that make you as a municipality or region sharper in both your marketing and your development efforts to attract skills in the area of shortage. The data will also be able to help you as an employer with operations in several locations to take advantage of the location’s strengths when you attract labor – and you as a real estate operator to make important investment decisions.


Are you interested in receiving a more in-depth analysis? We can create a custom version for you.

We offer: 

  1. The city report that clarifies your city’s position and attraction profile
  2. The regional report with more detailed data for the entire county, including all cities measured in the county
  3. The comparative report for those who want to be able to compare the attractiveness of several locations in Sweden.


More information about the content and price of the reports is available on the Talent City Index website.

You can also download the report here.

For those of you who order the report before July 15, we can offer a 20% discount.

For more information or to order an in-depth report, please email ma@futureplaceleadership.com.

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