International Talent Attraction – AI-supported campaigns across Europe attracting professionals

Talent Pools – Finding & recruiting international talent

We are currently running Talent Pool campaigns with 3 different regions in Europe

A typical campaign looks like this:

The challenge

Emilia-Romagna region is looking for specific skill-sets in Software Development to strengthen growth and viability of businesses in the area. How to find and attract exactly the kind of professional profile they are currently the most in need of?

The solution

We tackle the challenge by

  1. Developing the specific profile there is a shortage of, based on employer feedback and research on the talent target group
  2. Designing and activating a tailored digital marketing campaign around that specific profile and
  3. Leading these talents to a custom-built landing page, where AI powered chatbot filters and categorises the prospective recruits, to further lead them down the funnel into a selected group of highly skilled individuals. Which then are forwarded over to the companies for initial recruitment process

The result

The version 1.0 campaign for Emilia-Romagna overdelivered against all expectations. During a 6 week campaign period the custom landing page received 9500 clicks from Software Developers all over Europe via microtargeted digital ads, with almost 1000 started conversations with the chatbot. Finally after AI-assisted filtering process, 311 qualified candidates were delivered to the partner companies for further recruitment.

Given the considerable number of applications received, version 2.0 of the campaign started in May 2023, this time around looking for Data Scientists.

Additional value

Campaigns running at the moment with Scotland, the Netherlands and Emilia-Romagna 2.0 are following the same campaign structure as the example case above. In addition to delivering qualified candidates to businesses in the area, the campaigns offer valuable insights on

1. Which countries the most qualified and interested candidates are from, and

2. What factors makes your region attractive to your desired talent profile? These are useful data for future campaigns and projects.

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