Piloting Cross Regional Talent Attraction Cooperation: Baltic Sea Neighbourhood


Future Place leadership is pleased to announce our latest activity Piloting cross regional talent attraction cooperation: Baltic Sea Neighbourhood” in partnership with Work in Estonia and Invest Moldova Agency. This project is funded by the Swedish Institute. 

Open invitation: 

Are you a government, regional or city entity across the Baltic Sea Neighbourhood working in international talent attraction and retention? 

 Main action: 

  • Collect data on drivers and barriers for global talent and diaspora to relocate to selected Baltic / Eastern European countries 
  • Analyze these findings to provide recommendations, which we can 
  • Discuss at roundtable forums in Estonia and Moldova  
  • Provide recommendations on how to strengthen cross boarder collaboration across the Baltics and Eastern Europe in international talent attraction management for places  
  • Conduct a “how to” training on getting started 


Please feel free to get in touch with Morten if you want to explore what we can do together.  


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