12 Trends in Place Development & Place Branding 2023

Report: Get Your Free Copy Nordic Place Branding Conference is now PLACExNordic! the leading conference and networking event in the Nordics, where international practitioners from the fields of Talent Attraction, Investment Promotion, Place Marketing, Place Development and Destination Branding meet to mingle, be inspired and co-create solutions together. In the spring we shared a blog […]

Handbook: Crisis Management for Tourism Destinations, 2020

Tourism destinations worldwide are going through the worst crisis in modern times – and are forced to be innovative and creative in their crisis response in order to help tourism actors survive. They also need to repurpose their marketing and development efforts to adapt to the current situation of closed borders and restrictions on free movement. In this light, […]

Guide: Change Leadership for Place Attractiveness, 2018

8 steps of major change in a place context. The purpose of this guide is to inspire and show the way how to create and lead change in places – where the collaboration of multiple stakeholders is needed. The proposed eight-step approach is a simplification, but a powerful and proven one nonetheless of what it […]