Guide: Change Leadership for Place Attractiveness, 2018

8 steps of major change in a place context. The purpose of this guide is to inspire and show the way how to create and lead change in places – where the collaboration of multiple stakeholders is needed. The proposed eight-step approach is a simplification, but a powerful and proven one nonetheless of what it takes to lead and sustain long-term change.

Attractiveness is increasingly important for cities and regions – to attract and retain residents and talent, to promote investment, business and entrepreneurship, work with digitalisation and sustainability.

Improving place attractiveness is dependent on coordinating the work of an ecosystem of many different stakeholders from the public, private, civil society and academic sectors.

However, strategic initiatives in a place setting often fail. We simply underestimate the difficulties and lack the right tools to coordinate the work and get stakeholders to help drive the change that is needed. How do you lead and manage the ecosystem of different place stakeholders to improve the attractiveness of the place?

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