Handbook: Crisis Management for Tourism Destinations, 2020

Tourism destinations worldwide are going through the worst crisis in modern times – and are forced to be innovative and creative in their crisis response in order to help tourism actors survive. They also need to repurpose their marketing and development efforts to adapt to the current situation of closed borders and restrictions on free movement.

In this light, we are proud to present this handbook – aimed at helping destinations and municipalities tackle the pandemic crisis and restart tourism in the new normal, post pandemic world.

It comprises tips, advice and innovative practices.

The main target group is Nordic DMOs and tourism destination managers and developers at the municipality and regional level.

The handbook focuses on three types of efforts:

1. Response to the crisis

2. Recovery – the next steps to reactivate tourism

3. Resilience, meaning future possibilities to create the new normal of tourism


The handbook was developed based on a webinar series on crisis management in the tourism industry, organised by Future Place Leadership and our partner ustwo.

Inga Hlin Palsdottir, former Director of Visit Iceland and currently a destination adviser associated with Future Place Leadership, was guest speaker in the webinar series, sharing advice based on her experience of having dealt with several crises in the past.

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