Report: International Talent Map, 2023

Discover the insights from over 2600 international talents and 300+ companies in this data-driven benchmark report across nine European countries. The report unveils the challenges and drivers in attracting and retaining international talent for both places and employers.

In collaboration with Switch to Sweden via Linköping Science Park and European Talent Mobility Forum, we are proud to release the International Talent Map report funded by Vinnova.

The aim of the report is to understand the current status of talent and retention of highly qualified international talents in Europe: Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Spain, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Key insights:

  • How do companies view the need for international talent in 2023?

  • What is holding back companies to recruit from abroad?

  • What motivates students and professionals to move abroad?

  • How satisfied are international talents with life in their new country?

  • What barriers do international talents have related to making the move?

  • What would make international talent leave?

  • What are recommended actions to improve international mobility?

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