White paper: Nordic Place Branding Report, 2020

The Nordic Place Branding Report 2020 – Ten selected cases of place branding for economic developers, place leaders and marketers.

“A place brand is not a slogan or a logo. A brand, in general, is the sum of the images, ideas and stories associated with a product, service provider or even place. Places have a reputation. We have an opinion of them, first or second hand. This affects our decision to visit, invest or live in a place.”

Now more than ever place brand is increasingly important. In this report, you will find ten selected case studies that range from an island near the Arctic circle, to Helsinki and from Amsterdam to Costa Rica. Providing you with practical inspiration and lessons, as well as challenges and innovative and interesting achievements across a variety of place sizes.

We believe this selection of case studies will inspire you and help you to learn new things that you can start implementing in your own work in creating better places.

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