Report: Remote Work & New Relocation Patterns in a Post Pandemic World, 2021 – 2022

The pandemic has brought about a radical change in ways of living and working, significantly impacting how companies and individuals are looking to the future.

A number of major tech companies lead the way and announced a permanent shift to remote work after the pandemic – and other employers have followed suit. At the same time, we have made quantum leaps in adopting new technologies that facilitate new ways of working. As a consequence, new migration and relocation patterns have emerged – some of which are here to stay.

In this report, our focus is on the future by identifying emerging phenomena related to how we will live and work in the next decade. Special emphasis is placed on the implications for places – towns, cities, regions and countries.

By employing the Signals of Change method, we aim to capture signals of how the future may develop – and how places can identify, understand, manage, and benefit from these phenomena.

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