Report: Talent City Index Sweden, 2023

Talent City Index Sweden report is finally here!

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Where would today’s and tomorrow’s qualified workforce prefer to work and live?

It is a question that many municipalities, regions, investors and employers are asking themselves – now that talent shortage is greater than ever throughout many industries.

We created the Talent City Index report to investigate and benchmark how cities rank against each other in the fierce competition for skilled workforce, to be used as a tool and guidance to improve a city’s attractiveness and retention power.

The first edition of the report concentrates on Sweden (and it is in Swedish), however we will be rolling out the study across other Nordic and Northern European countries very shortly, with English summaries. Perhaps your country is next? If you’d like to hear more or would like to be a part of future reports, do let us know and lets chat.


Some insights from the report:

  • Gothenburg beats Stockholm as Sweden’s most attractive city! Gotland comes in sixth place
  • Places with the greatest risk of losing residents in the next five-year period, Blekinge ranks highest, followed by Malmö in second place
  • Self-employed people and freelancers generally look for smaller municipalities such as Gotland, Falkenberg, Enköping and Eskilstuna
  • People in IT and engineering rank career opportunities within a region as the most important attraction factor, while economists and those in healthcare rank lifestyle factors the highest
  • Cities such as Umeå, Skellefteå, Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik underperform in relation to their size, which indicates that northern Sweden will face major challenges in attracting new residents

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Introduction to the report:

The Talent City Index (TCI) ranks the 50 largest city regions in Sweden according to how attractive they are to skilled workforce ages 20-45. The report also forecasts which regions are at risk of losing residents in the future.  

TCI gives answers to questions such as:  

  • What are your city region’s main attraction factors? What are the weaknesses that need to be developed or communicated better? 
  • Among which professional and age groups is your city region most attractive? And least attractive? What other cities are competing for the same target group?   
  • How big is the risk that your region will lose residents? What factors explain why people choose to stay in their current location?  
  • Which driving forces are most important when moving? What obstacles does the target group experience? How do the driving forces differ between those who work and those who study and between different age and professional groups?  
  • Where do different professional and age groups prefer to live and work? Where, for example, do those in IT, healthcare, teachers and engineers prefer to live and work?    


The report comes in three versions:

  1. The free version which anyone can download via the button below
  2. The Analysis Report which takes a deeper dive into the data and provides more comparisons and attraction factors
  3. The City Region Report which provides the most data, analysis and revelas unused potential, tailored to your specific region

You can read more about the deep-dive reports here!

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