White paper: Nordic Place Branding report, 2022

The Nordic Place Branding Report 2022 – Eight selected cases of place branding for economic developers, place leaders and marketers.

The pandemic and the climate emergency have brought the question of what is essential for society to function, but also what we need or want as individuals. What matters to us? A number of trends have been set in motion which will impact place branding and place development: a movement for better life quality and life balance, and urge for connecting with one another and the world we live in, and a search for meaning.

In this report, we look at how people’s aspirations have changed during Covid-19, and how places have reacted to it. We asked a number of practitioners what changes in the aspirations of their target groups they have noticed in their own localities and areas of work,  how it affected their role, and what lessons they draw from it. In addition, discussions in Helsingborg enriched this content, and we share here an overview of the conversation that took place in June 2022. 

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