White paper: Women in Tech, 2020

Women in Tech is a white paper highlighting inspiring and innovative initiatives worldwide to challenge existing biases and offer more opportunities in tech to women.


‘Common gender biases and stereotypes are keeping women away from key positions, strategic skills and jobs.

It is causing uncertainty when it comes to attracting and retaining talents today, as well as filling the future positions expected to be created.’

In our strive to innovate talent attraction, we want  to contribute to the debate and – most importantly – trigger more action by highlighting global, inspiring initiatives in this white paper.

By describing efforts and activities that have a proven track-record or an innovative method, as well as lessons learned from each initiative, we aim to inspire others to follow suit.

Diversity makes companies more productive and innovative. The responsibility and incentive to drive positive societal and corporate cultural change, however, lies with a multitude of actors.

We believe that cities as well as start-up ecosystem actors can be ideal platforms for addressing the challenge of having more women in tech.

This report, therefore, is the first step in a series of activities that Future Place Leadership will carry out together with some of the leading cities and start-up ecosystems in this field in 2019-2020 – all focused on pursuing a more equal and internationally competitive working environment that attracts more talent and investments.

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