Teaser: Talent City Index Goes Finland!

Talent City Index report was a roaring success in Sweden, so now we are taking it to Finland!

Other markets to follow later this autumn, we’ll reveal which ones very soon.


What is Talent City Index report

Where would today’s and tomorrow’s qualified workforce prefer to work and live?

It is a question that many municipalities, regions, investors and employers are asking themselves – now that talent shortage is greater than ever throughout many industries.

We created the Talent City Index report to investigate and benchmark how cities rank against each other in the fierce competition for skilled workforce, to be used as a tool and guidance to improve a city’s attractiveness and retention power.

The first edition concentrated on Sweden, and it was published in Swedish. However, you can now download the report in English as well. It will give you a pretty good idea on the kind of data and learnings the report sheds light on.

Download English version of the Swedish report here.


Some interesting picks from the Swedish report:

  • Gothenburg beats Stockholm as Sweden’s most attractive city! Gothenburg took 1st place in perceived attractiveness overtaking the capital. We see this trend in other countries as well; people leaving the capital en masse or choosing not to move there in the first place. Why is this?
  • The search for safety – Stockholmers are looking for a new place to live for safety’s sake, despite higher wages in the capital.
  • Cost of living – This is hardly a surprising one. Many want to use their hard-earned income in other things than just rent/mortgage.
  • Three biggest driving forces for leaving the capital
    – Lifestyle changes
    – Security
    – Proximity to nature
  • Non-capital cities are harvesting the benefits of this shift of the mindset. These cities are associated with career opportunities and job supply, but which are also seen as more secure and closer to nature. In Sweden’s case particularly Gothenburg and Uppsala.

And also…

  • Places with the greatest risk of losing residents in the next five-year period, Blekinge ranks highest, followed by Malmö in second place
  • Self-employed people and freelancers generally look for smaller municipalities such as Gotland, Falkenberg, Enköping and Eskilstuna
  • People in IT and engineering rank career opportunities within a region as the most important attraction factor, while economists and those in healthcare rank lifestyle factors the highest
  • Cities such as Umeå, Skellefteå, Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik underperform in relation to their size, which indicates that northern Sweden will face major challenges in attracting new residents


How is skilled workforce perceiving the cities and municipalities of Finland?

The Finnish version of the report will launch with bells and whistles in November. Would you like to be one of the first ones to see the free report? Sign up for the mailing list and you will receive an invitation to the launch event where we walk you through the findings, answer any questions you may have and discuss together in what ways can we improve the attractiveness of your city/municipality based on the fresh-out-the-oven data.

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