Vestfold & Telemark, Norway – Framework for Economic Development Through Design Thinking

A Design Thinking driven approach for better regional collaboration in economic development    The competition for investments, talent, visitors and public resources is no doubt intensifying between places – and the winners have been the capitals and other urban centres. This is the backdrop against which the Norwegian region Vestfold & Telemark decided to launch […]

Skåne and Malmö-Lund region, Sweden – Model for Attracting More Investments

Value proposition and regional cooperation model for attracting more investments to Skåne and the Malmö-Lund region.   Future Place Leadership was hired by Invest in Skåne, the regional investment promotion agency of Region Skåne, Sweden, to help the 12 municipalities of the Malmö-Lund region to develop a model for regional cooperation, as well as help […]

Telemark, Norway – Business Attraction Management Strategy

Waterside in Telemark, Norway

Telemark county council and partners participated in our Business Attraction Management project in 2015-2016. It is one of the 22 partners of BAM that really found the models and cases useful in the project and has managed to effectively use them in their day to day operations. What is more, this is a notion shared […]

Berlin Partner – Talent Attraction Management and Place Branding

Berlin skyline at night

A long standing partnership with Berlin Partner Ever since we started working together with Berlin, things have moved fast and smooth. The Talent Services Department of Berlin Partner, the economic development agency of the Berlin region, participated in our Talent Attraction Management for European Cities, Regions and Countries training programme in 2016. Since then we […]

Business Attraction Management in Nordic Cities and Regions

Airview of summer Stockholm

About the project and subsequent handbook   Find the handbook and download it for free here: Business Attraction Management in Nordic Cities and Regions (BAM) The project was a Nordic development project focusing on the next generation business attraction and investment promotion practices. The collaboration project aimed at identifying and developing new tools and strategies […]

Greater Gothenburg Region, Sweden – Talent Attraction Management Strategy

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. An economic powerhouse with a proud industrial heritage and strong academic institutions. In 2015 several employers in the region emphasized the importance of developing better conditions for international talent and making it easier for employers to attract and recruit them. Together with the West Sweden Chamber of […]