Improving Regional Investment Promotion Efforts – 5 Cases Across Sweden and Finland

Getting better at Navigating Investment Promotion Challenges During Summer and Autumn 2023 we have been leading five regional investment promotion projects both in Sweden and Finland. Common patterns keep on emerging across different regions, and the amassed insights help us to help cities, regions and municipalities better with their Investment Promotion endeavors. The usual suspects […]

Utvecklingsprogram: Co-creating The Future of Talent Attraction

Ny omgång av Co-creating the future of talent attraction  Som svar på stor efterfrågan startar vi nu den tredje upplagan av det populära programmet Co-creating the future of talent attraction. Det är ett samskapande utvecklingsprogram för dig som vill lära dig mer om hur man som stad, kommun eller region kan arbeta för att attrahera […]

Launch: Nordic Place Branding Conference is now PLACExNordic – The Place Attractiveness Conference!

Big, big news! A letter from the CEO Future Place Leadership & Place Leadership Academy are proudly introducing our new and improved flagship conference: PLACExNordic! We are re-launching the Nordic Place Branding Conference that so many of our partners, collaborators and industry peers within economic development, place marketing, talent attraction, investment promotion, tourism, and place […]

Fresh out the oven! “The Insiders Guide to Moving and Living in Sweden”

A field guide inspired by internationals who have made the journey to explore life and a career path in Sweden for internationals who are yet to explore it. In a unique partnership with  Linköping Science Park, our industry friends at Placebrander and graphic design by Söderhavet, Future Place Leadership has conducted the main research for […]

Swedish Talent Attraction Forum (STAF) startar till hösten

Till hösten startar vi STAF – ett svenskt nätverksforum för er som arbetar med kompetensattraktion Kompetensbristen ökar drastiskt inom många sektorer och har nu blivit företagens svåraste tillväxthinder. Den riskerar att hota både den gröna och den digitala omställningen, liksom välfärden i den offentliga sektorn. Då vi sett en stor efterfrågan på ett gemensamt forum […]

International Talent Attraction – AI-supported campaigns across Europe attracting professionals

Talent Pools – Finding & recruiting international talent We are currently running Talent Pool campaigns with 3 different regions in Europe Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, attracting Data Scientists, together with our client International Careers Emilia-Romagna Scotland, attracting Software Developers, together with our client TalentScotland Netherlands, attracting recruiters for Life Sciences and Health sectors, together with our partner TalentMark A typical campaign looks […]

Future Place Leadership & Berlin Partner Go East Africa – Talent Bridging in Nairobi, Kigali and Kampala

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH, its partner AfricaBerlin Network together with Future Place Leadership are connecting the Berlin ecosystem with one of Africa’s leading startup and innovation hubs. Africa is the fastest-growing continent with a large number of young, talented professionals. We are taking the opportunity to meet with students and graduates on-site at universities […]

2023 Nordic Place Branding Conference in Helsinki is a wrap.

Download your free copy of 12 Trends in Place Development & Place Branding here. 250 participants from 20+ countries joined us at the Nordic Place Branding Conference last week in Helsinki. We were hosted by our partners City of Helsinki, Business Finland, and Nordic Talks, under the Good Places for a Good Life umbrella theme.   The scene was set from the get-go when our moderator, Morten […]

Talentmark – Digital Campaign for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Sector

Pilot digital campaign for Operators in Life Science & Health Sector with Talentmark   We love working with one of our recent customers: Talentmark, a recruitment company. The task at hand: Present pre-qualified Process, Machine and Logistic Operators for their client employers in the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector. The project is experimental, a prototype […]