Report: So can Sweden gear up, 2023 (In Swedish)

Så kan Sverige växla upp arbetet med internationell kompetensattraktion Behovet är solklart. Sverige behöver växla upp arbetet med att attrahera och ta emot internationell kompetens. Såväl samhälle som företag har allt att vinna på detta. Det behövs en nationell kraftsamling, tydliga mandat och bättre samordning för att skapa rätt förutsättningar och svara upp mot de […]

Report: Talent City Index Sweden, 2023

Talent City Index Sweden report is finally here! Download English version here. Where would today’s and tomorrow’s qualified workforce prefer to work and live? It is a question that many municipalities, regions, investors and employers are asking themselves – now that talent shortage is greater than ever throughout many industries. We created the Talent City […]

12 Trends in Place Development & Place Branding 2023

Report: Get Your Free Copy Nordic Place Branding Conference is the leading conference and networking event in the Nordics, where international practitioners from the fields of Talent Attraction, Investment Promotion, Place Marketing, Place Development and Destination Branding meet to mingle, be inspired and co-create solutions together. In the spring we shared a blog post on topics trending […]

Report: Improving International Student Retention in Sweden, 2022

Switch to Sweden – Data Driven Solutions to Improve International Student Retention in Sweden ‘Retention is the new attraction’ – Why do 75% of international master & PhD students originally plan on staying in Sweden, but only about 20% end up doing so? Where is the gap? What doesn’t add up? And what could be […]

Talent Attraction Report for Sweden, 2022 (In Swedish)

We conducted a feasibility study for one of the Swedish Government’s innovation partnership programmes, on “Attract, integrate and retain talent”, with members such as Move to Gothenburg, Business Sweden, Swedish Institute, Spotify, and Volvo Cars. In this study we provided a report, containing recommendations for how a new national coordination model for talent attraction management […]

Handbook: Talent Boost Cookbook Finland 2.0, 2021

What’s cooking in Finland? The handbook is a part of the national Talent Boost programme #FinlandWorks.  We’re proud to have delivered the updated version 2.0 of the acclaimed cookbook from 2019 – showcasing the good recipes that already exist to inspire others and give an overview of what else is cooking in the talent scene in Finland.  It […]

Handbook: Talent Boost Cookbook Finland, 2019

Do you want to know how Finland attracts and retains international talent? Talent Boost Cookbook Finland, by the Finnish Government, is a collection of projects that cities, regions, universities and other agents have done for Talent Attraction.  The handbook is a part of the national Talent Boost programme #FinlandWorks.  We are very proud to have had the […]

White paper: Women in Tech, 2020

Women in Tech is a white paper highlighting inspiring and innovative initiatives worldwide to challenge existing biases and offer more opportunities in tech to women. FORBES ARTICLE FROM MARCH 2020 FEATURED THIS STUDY. ‘Common gender biases and stereotypes are keeping women away from key positions, strategic skills and jobs. It is causing uncertainty when it comes […]

Guide: Change Leadership for Place Attractiveness, 2018

8 steps of major change in a place context. The purpose of this guide is to inspire and show the way how to create and lead change in places – where the collaboration of multiple stakeholders is needed. The proposed eight-step approach is a simplification, but a powerful and proven one nonetheless of what it […]